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We're standing guard for GBA members struggling to make sense of supply chain and cybersecurity regulations

If you are a CISO, VP of Supply Chain, Head of Federal Sales or other top executive with growing demands and limited budget, you're in the right place. We can connect you with industry leading experts in supply chain auditing and cybersecurity management and help you access their tools at a fraction of the cost.


Given the scale of threat vectors facing America’s federal contractors, combined with the velocity of recent regulatory activity, GBA Sentinel helps Global Business Alliance members access the tools they need to efficiently identify potential supply chain and cyber vulnerabilities.

As we have seen in past iterations, international companies could face additional barriers and scrutiny because of their global heritage.

GBA Sentinel gives GBA members premier access to the cutting edge tools they need to audit and monitor their supply chains and cybersecurity. We are proud to provide GBA members substantially discounted use of Fortress Information Security’s industry-leading supply chain risk management compliance tools.

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Fortress Information Security is at the leading edge in ensuring the technology you use won't be used against you.

Over 80% of software components used in today’s applications come from third parties.

Fortress uses its proprietary AI technology to allow companies to quickly assess their digital and physical supply chain for potential vulnerabilities.

Traditional security programs consistently operate according to priorities and paradigms from past eras, resulting in antiquated and inadequate security systems.

The Fortress Platform addresses supply chain risks through its comprehensive Integrated Supply Chain Risk Management Solution that integrates and orchestrates multidimensional risk analysis and remediation of supply chain, manufacturing, IT, InfoSec, corporate governance, and contract risks. 

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The Global Business Alliance is a business association representing American companies with global heritage and an indispensable part of our nation’s economic success. GBA's mission is to actively promote and defend an open economy that welcomes international companies to invest in America.

GBA Sentinel is affiliated with GBA Corporate Solutions, LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Global Business Alliance.

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